Blue Love

Love love love!
I think that is the most memorable phrase from CNBLUE’s 2nd korean mini album, Blue Love. The album was released back in 2010, it contains 6 tracks with 5 brand new songs and 1 re-released song taken from their japanese debut indie single, Now or Never. Blue Love was like another step forward for CNBLUE to gain the worldwide fame they have now, the whole thing is good, not only the music but also the hardcopy CD. The album case is in the size of a comic book. The exterior part of the case is made from some kind of cardboard with about 20 pages mini photobook attached to it and a black colored plastic for the disc part. I bought it from YesAsia for USD 12.99 (excluding the shipping fee), it is a lot cheaper compared to their japanese albums considering the photobook and the number of songs we get. For those who do not want to spend about USD 7.00 additional money for the hardcopy, the songs can be downloaded from iTunes, USD 1.29 for a song or USD 5.99 for an album. The album cover art is using blue-ed playground with merry-go-round as the background. The members are using prince like white clothes and posed with cool expression. I think the concept they are trying to show is the cold side of love. Or maybe.., it’s just me thinking that way? But the album is actually have warm and cold feeling at the same time, because on the contrary, in the photobook inside we can see the smiling members and more color with warmer tone. About the songs, there’s also a contradiction. There is a song like Black Flower that matches the icy cold front cover, and Love Light which totally sweet and warm.
Here goes the track list:
(Klik judul lagu, untuk lirik)
1. Love
Love is like their main song in the album, because they promote like everywhere using this song. The rhythm is upbeat but the lyric is quite sad, it is about a man who can’t get over a separation. The music is easy to listen to like anytime and anywhere, especially when you don’t understand korean 😛
2. Sweet Holiday
Minhyuk is co-writing this medium tempo song. Truthfully, I don’t understand the story behind the song, is it about holiday and meeting a pretty girl somewhere? Forget it if you don’t care about the meaning, just listen to the music and voila, you get an enjoyable sound.
3. Black Flower
The song has a cold atmosphere, you can hear strong electric guitar strumming from the beginning of the song, for those who like a song with a lot electric guitar, this song is going to be great.
4. Tattoo
Another song about separation. In total, we have 3 songs about that in the album. I don’t have much to say about this one, but still, it is a good song to hear.
5. Love Light
Sweet tune, simple rhythm and soft voice, this song is definitely my favorite in the album. The song is created by Yonghwa, both music and lyric. He once said in a reality show that he really think about a certain girl when writing the lyric. For me to know that the song is coming out from his actual feeling, make me adding more value to my personal score board. Just try to listen to the song, and you’ll understand what I mean XD
6. Let’s Go Crazy
They often use this song to open a live gig, it is kind of a crazy song like the title 😛
The lyric is written fully in english. A nice try, but like many east asian artists, you
can’t expect perfect english pronunciation from them. But hey these days they’re getting better.



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