First Step +1 Thank You

My biggest disappointment about First Step album is…I failed to get the limited edition, because I didn’t have enough money at that time 😦
Okay, that’s not important. What important now is I have to make a review of this supplement album, which their label said “released as their gratitude to fans”….maybe for Korean fans. Because 3 of 4 songs in this album is like the Korean version of Re-Maintance album. Well tbh, it’s not simply a “thanks”, it’s more likely another way to get more money. I’m not blaming the members of course, these days their company is like trying to kill my wallet by releasing like 2 singles and an album in Japan in like only 5 months!
Now, about this thank you album, I bought it (again) from Yesasia for USD 14.99 about 2 years ago. I’m not satisfied with this album, I mean I feel like buying a mini photobook with the price of a mini album. If it’s really a “thanks” I would expect at least a special song out of 4…maybe it’s just me. I like the white album case and the photobook though. In the photos, they wear casual outfits and the atmosphere looks comfortable it’s like something they would do in their dorm in a resting day. Anyway, let’s take a look at the track list.

Here you go: (Click on the title for the lyrics)
1. Love Girl
This is the same song you can find in First Step but with new arrangement. I still like it but not impressed with the version. Still, I want to recommend you to try this song if you are on the pop genre side.
2. Try Again, Smile Again
3. Don’t Say Good Bye
4. Yes / Geuraeyo (Korean Title for Kimio)
In their Japanese album, track number 2 and 3 are fully written in English and the last one in Japanese. That’s the only difference I know, it is good, but since I don’t speak Korean I still prefer Re-Maintenance version.

You might be agree or disagree with me, but that was my opinion. If you like their Korean album but are tight on money I wouldn’t recommend you to buy this album, just add a few more bucks and get their newer album, Re-Blue.
Feel free to leave your comment, opinion or whatever. See ya! 😀


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