Come on

Review this time is Come On Limited Edition ^ ^
Yuph , this album looks very luxurious with the red and blue design ..

Wow, I can’t believe it because we get a mini poster and sticker from this Japanese Album ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The review :

Price : ¥2,520 (tax include)


Contents :

√ CD + DVD




√ Mini Poster + Sticker




√ Visual Book


※ [CD]
1. Come on
2. Wake up
3. My miracle
4. Come on (Instrumental)

※ [DVD]
Come on (Music Video)
Come on (Special Feature)

Recommended songs :
My miracle & Come on

Power :
– My miracle : this is a good ballad song, so you can feel the feeling from this song and very easy to remember.
– Come on : the power of rock hahahha. When you’ve got stressed, try to listen this song. It’s very helpful ^^

Interested ?? Hahaha

Source : Come On Album


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