Lady ( Jacket A Version)

Lady’s time hahaha .. Are you ready for this review, Boice?


Okay, here we go ..

Price : ¥2,520 (Include tax)



Contents :
√ CD+DVD (First Press Limited Edition)
√ Lyrics

CD :
1. Lady
2. Don’t Care
3. Monday
4. Don’t Care (Instrumental)


• 「Blind Love」Release LIVE@NIKKEI HALL 2013.4.27
Where you are / I’m sorry / kimio / Time is over / In My Head / Blind Love
• Lady (Music Video) • Lady (Special Feature)


Lyrics :


1. Lady by Jung Yong Hwa & Kosuke Oba
2. Don’t Care by Jung Yong Hwa
3. Monday by Jung Yong Hwa

My opinion :
Umph, I just can say this about the album “The colour of the music in this album was unique”
I love the Lady, Don’t Care and the reason is simple ~ has a catchy melody …

That’s all about this review, I hope u are enjoy, Boice. Don’t forget to buy this album, ok ^^

Source : Lady ( Jacket A Version)



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