Where You Are (Regular Edition)


Today I’ll review the album Where You Are.
Do u already have it, Boice??
All of u should already have it but for those who don’t have it don’t get discouraged.
Let us take the look together the album ^^

Where You Are Album was released on February 01th 2012 and has 3 different editions : CD + DVD, Regular Edition & Lawson Edition.

The review :
Price : ¥1,260 (Tax Inc)

* Front Cover
*Back Cover

※ Track List :
1. Where You Are
2. Get Away
3. Feeling
4. Where You Are (Instrumental)

My Opinion :
I really like this album, because the songs have deep emotion.
*Where You Are having the feel of a very thick rock.
*Get Away, Jonghyun showing his masculine side in this song. Get Away was chosen as the ending theme song for Japanese broadcast of the American Tv series “Gossip Girl” season 3 .. GREAT .. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
*Feeling, kyaaaa I melted when I heard this song in live concert. Can u imagine and feel the feelings in this song?? Aaahhh ~
All the songs on this album I recommended to u, Boice ^^
Don’t forget yo buy this album hehee ..

Source : Where You Are (Regular Edition)



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