CNBLUE and FT Island Send Message for Japanese Fans About FNC Kingdom Concert

CNBLUE and FT Island send message for Japanese fans about FNC Kingdom concert

FNC Entertainment, the agency of CNBLUE, FT Island, Juniel, AOA and other music acts, released more updates about their first-ever family concert “2013 FNC Kingdom in Japan.”

In the concert’s official website, they released a teaser video showing a glimpse of performances by their artists. The backsound of the video are CNBLUE and FTIsland popular Japanese songs.

Beside that, both CNBLUE and FTIsland also left their supporting message in Japanese and encourage you to see them in the concert.

“2013 FNC Kingdom” in Japan will be the kick-off concert of FNC Entertainment’s family-concert world tour. The two-day concert will be held in Seibu Dome on the upcoming December 28-29.

Check video message here :

Source : Kpop Buzz



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