Lee Hyori, CN BLUE and Others Donate Personal Items for Animal Auction

Lee Hyori has decided to show her love for animals by participating in an animal auction.

The Korean Canine Association stated that it will hold an auction from November 15 through 19 to collect money to help out animal shelters.


Many top stars, including Lee Hyori, B2ST, CN Blue, FT Island, 4Minute, Seo In Gook, Sistar, and K.Will, have decided to take part by donating their items, drawing the attention of many fans.

Lee Hyori decided to donate her backpack and a shirt, B2ST donated a jacket, shirt, and a wallet, 4minute donated sunglasses, headsets, hats and dolls, and SISTAR donated sneakers and hats.

The profits will go to Pyeong-gang animal shelter, where over 350 dogs and 100 cats are being taken care of, without any aid from the government, making it hard to continue to care for the animals.

Source : enewsworld
Photo credit: Newsen



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