FT Island and CNBLUE Get Red Flags on Stress Tests

FT Island and CN Blue members have more stress than one might think.

The December 12 broadcast of tvN’s Cheongdam-dong 111 will cover the many struggles that stars deal with behind the scenes.

FNC Entertainment’s CEO Han Sung Ho decided to take the company’s artists to a doctor’s office in order to check up on the level of stress as they deal with their busy schedules.

FT Island and CN Blue Get Red Flags on Stress Tests

The results were rather shocking.

After the doctor did a simple psychological test when the artists had to draw a house he said, “You have a strong desire to be recognized and loved,” to FT Island’s Seung Hyun and he also said “You drew a house sitting dangerously on top of a cliff, without an entrance. This means that you are in a serious state of loneliness, insecurity and isolation,” to FT Island’s Min Hwan.

CN Blue’s stress levels were also very high.

The doctor had the members draw self-portraits and upon examining them, he said to CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa, “Drawing a profile of yourself means you want to avoid something,” and told CN Blue’s Kang Min Hyuk, “You also have a very high level of stress.”

Upon hearing the diagnosis, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi and Jong Hoon suggested taking a one day vacation, and the CEO gave his permission. The members of FT Island enjoyed a day of rest by leaving the city to go mountain motorcycling and paragliding.

Source : M Wave
Photo credit: tvN



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