Romantic J – Lee Jonghyun & Juniel on M Countdown Today !!

Romantic J – Jonghyun & Juniel ” Love Falls ”

131212 MNET MCountdown Setlist & Streaming Links
December 11, 2013

Nine Muses, Noel, Romantic J (Lee Jong Hyun & Juniel), MR.MR, VIXX, San E(Feat.Sanchez Of PHANTOM), FTISLAND, EXO(BAEKHYUN & CHEN & D.O), M.I.B(feat.Yoon Bo Mi Of Apink), Younha, Lee Dong Woo, JEVICE, K-HUNTER, Koyote (Feat.Gal So Won), Crayon Pop, Tae Jin Ah, TASTY, 2BiC, T-ARA, Hyolyn, HISTORY

♬ Hot Performances ★☆

9Muses [GLUE]
Noel [Being Forgotten]
Romantic J(Lee Jong Hyun & Juniel) [Love Falls]
MR.MR [Do you feel me]
VIXX [Voodoo Doll]
San E(Feat.Sanchez Of PHANTOM) [Break Up Dinner]
EXO(BAEKHYUN & CHEN & D.O) [Miracle In December]
M.I.B(feat.Yoon Bo Mi Of Apink) [Worry About Yourself First]
Younha [It’s Okay]
Lee Dong Woo [Fly With You]
JEVICE [Don’t answer the phone]
K-HUNTER [Marry Me]
Koyote (Feat.Gal So Won) [After Winter]
Crayon Pop [Lonely Christmas]
Tae Jin Ah
TASTY [Day`n Night]
2BiC [Lonely Christmas]
T-ARA [What Should I Do]
HISTORY [What Am I To You?]

Broadcast starts around 6:00 PM KST !! Are you ready, Boice ??

Source : KPOP STREAM WIX & M Countdown



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