Review – Can’t Stop

Hi, Boice ^^
How long I don’t update this blog??
Hahahah .. Sorry, I‘m busy with a variety of activities lately

Well, we immediately enter into a discussion of the album Can’t Stop as I‘ve promised before ^ ^
Can’t stop me now .. Can’t stop me now

As we know, the album Can’t Stop has several versions. But this time I will discuss the first version ..
I get this album from one of my friends and of course I feel very happy because I get an autograph as well standee paper corresponding to my expectations, Jonghyun


Track List :

1. Can’t Stop
2. Diamond Girl
3. Cold Love
4. Sleepless Night
5. Love Is
6. Like a Child






I love their songs on this album, especially Sleepless Night. The song has a soft melody and calming the mind. It would be very different when we look at the stars in the sky accompanied by the gentle breeze at night~
Can you imagine that ?? Hehehe

The review has ended.
What is your favorite song from the album Can’t Stop??

이 밤을 새워 네게 들려줄 네게 전해줄 sweet my love

Source :

Can’t Stop Album

B’Voice – Sleepless Night (Cover)


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