Notes and Words

.. Yoon’s Profile ..



Name : Yunita
Nickname : -Yoon-
Special Code : BurningMellow
Birthday : 13th June 1990
Blood Type : B
Religion : Christian
Hobby : Music ( Vocal, Guitar & Piano )
My Favorite Songs : All of which contain the word “Rain” like (Love In The Rain/Eclipse, Teardrops In The Rain/I Will Forget You, Rain Of Blessing), Crying Out, I Can’t Believe, Time Is Over, Intuition, Love Light, Feel Good, I’m Sorry, 나그대보다, Try Again, Smile Again,, Get Away, Blue Sky, Have A Good Night, My Miracle, Blind Love. Most of the songs that I like is a song created by Jonghyun ^^
Group : B’Voice
Bias : Lee Jonghyun
Twitter Account : @yunitanovalia
Line : jong_yun

I’m Yoon, nice to meet u ^^

Okay, let me introduce myself ..
I particularly liked the rain season, because the rain was able to create a very romantic atmosphere but the main is :

I’m a Boice, one of Burning Soul in the earth haha.

I’m very love CNBLUE ‘coz their so awesome and a band with the perfect quality.

My first activity when it becomes a Boice is participating in any gathering CNBLUE held by a fanbase that was in Jakarta.

The first song we ( B’Voice ) sang was Try Again , Smile Again and I Will Forget You with an acoustic version.

With frequent listening to the songs CNBLUE , improved my musical ability .  I highly recommend for you guys who have the talent to study music with the works of CNBLUE ^^

In addition to participating in every gathering , I sometimes cover songs from CNBLUE and then I uploaded on my personal SoundCloud account.

The reason I write on the blog :

To fill the spare time , I decided to write news and review of CNBLUE’s albums that we collected so that Boice Indonesia can read and learn more deeply about CNBLUE , especially for beginners.

Hopefully this blog can help you , Boice ^^




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