Review – Can’t Stop

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Well, we immediately enter into a discussion of the album Can’t Stop as I‘ve promised before ^ ^
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As we know, the album Can’t Stop has several versions. But this time I will discuss the first version ..
I get this album from one of my friends and of course I feel very happy because I get an autograph as well standee paper corresponding to my expectations, Jonghyun


Track List :

1. Can’t Stop
2. Diamond Girl
3. Cold Love
4. Sleepless Night
5. Love Is
6. Like a Child






I love their songs on this album, especially Sleepless Night. The song has a soft melody and calming the mind. It would be very different when we look at the stars in the sky accompanied by the gentle breeze at night~
Can you imagine that ?? Hehehe

The review has ended.
What is your favorite song from the album Can’t Stop??

이 밤을 새워 네게 들려줄 네게 전해줄 sweet my love

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Can’t Stop Album

B’Voice – Sleepless Night (Cover)


Detail of Can’t Stop Album


[Signed CD] CNBLUE 5th mini album ‘Can’t Stop’ Price : $16.99 (Free Shipping) (No Poster) via MWave Shop


CD + Poster + Standing Member Paper (Random) Can’t Stop ₩12,000 via FNC Store

Track List :

1. Can’t Stop Lyrics: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa). Heaven Light / Composer: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa). Heaven Light / Arrangement: Heaven Light 

2. Diamond Girl Lyrics: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa) / Composer: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa) / Arrangement: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa). Heaven Light 

3. 독한 사랑 (Doghan Salang) [Bitter Love/Strong Love]Lyrics: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa) / Composer: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa) / Arrangement: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa). Heaven Light 

4. 잠 못 드는 밤 (Jam mos Deuneun bam) [Sleepless Night]Lyrics: 이종현 (Lee Jonghyun). Heaven Light / Composer: 이종현 (Lee Jonghyun). Heaven Light / Arrangement: 이종현 (Lee Jonghyun). Heaven Light 

5. Love is… Lyrics: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa) / Composer: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa). Heaven Light / Arrangement: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa). Heaven Light 

6. 아이의 노래 (Aiui Nolae) [Children’s song]Lyrics: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa) / Composer: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa) / Arrangement: 정용화 (Jung Yonghwa). Heaven Light

[Notice] MWave Shop :
A Special Price EXCLUSIVE to Mwave Shop! SIGNED CNBLUE mini album ‘Can’t Stop’ $16.99 USD (Free Shipping) The album is signed by a random CNBLUE member. Sale period : Feb.19 – Mar.5 (14 days total)
Delivery time for signed CDs will take slightly longer (approx. 2 weeks), as we’ll be sending out CDs after receiving them from the agency.
First Delivery Round: Orders placed before 2.26 (KST) will be sent out on 3.05 (KST) 
Second Delivery Round: Orders placed after 3.05 (KST) will be sent out on 3.17 

I will review of this album [Signed CD] version.
.. Soon ..

Source : FNC Store & MWave Shop

CNBLUE to Make Comeback in This Month


Rock band CNBLUE will make a comeback to the local music scene for the first time in a year, their agency announced on Wednesday.

A statement by FNC Entertainment stated that the quartet will release what will be their fifth mini-album sometime this month.

The statement also added that all the tunes to the album will be written and composed by the members of CNBLUE themselves.

CNBLUE’s last release was “Re:BLUE” in January of last year and since then, they had gone on tour around the world, performing in 14 countries including those in Asia and South America.

They also pursued activities individually with members Jung Yong-hwa, Kang Min-hyuk, and Lee Jung-shin appearing in dramas “Marry Him If You Dare,” “The Inheritors,” and “Sword and Flower,” respectively. Member Lee Jong-hyun formed a project duo named Romantic J with singer Juniel and released a digital album.

Source :
Reporter. Jessica Kim
Courtesy of CNBLUE’s official Facebook page


Yonghwa Tweeted Now!!

여러분~!!!!!!!! 용화예요! 새해 복 많이받으세요~!! 같이 복 받으면 나눠요~~ 인사 늦어서 죄송합니다ㅜ 멋진 앨범을 준비중이어서요! 지금도 열심히 녹음중입니다~~! 기대 많이 해주세요 후후후 추우니까 감기조심하세요! P.S) 안들리시겠지만… Brass…넣을까요 말까요..!??

Source : @CNBLUE_4 ~Yonghwa~

PRESENT ( Japan Best Album)

Ok, Boice it’s time for PRESENT as Present ^^

I apologize for the delay to post a review of the album ” PRESENT “, for that I have post them on this day ..


Price : 14,500원 (Added Charges for Poster)

※ Track List :
1. One More Time
2. Lady
3. Blind Love
4. Robot
5. Time Is Over
6. Come On
7. Let Me know
8. I Can’t Believe
9. Greedy Man
10. My Miracle

I’ve got Jonghyun Version ^^


※ Cover :

.. Front ..

.. Back ..

※ Include :

.. Photobook ..

.. CD ..

.. Block Notation ..
– Blind Love



– Lady


I’m very love this album, because the package of the album looks luxurious.

My favorite songs in this album are My Miracle, I Can’t Believe, Blind Love, Time Is Over, and Let Me Know ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

What about you, Boice? ?

I hope this review can be the best present that I gave to you all ^^

.. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ..

Source : Present Japan Best Album
Photo taken by Yoon


Romantic J – Love (Love falls)’ Music Video Has Been Released

.. 9 December 2013 ..

[R.J] FNC엔터테인먼트의 첫 번째 시즌 송! 이종현(CNBLUE), JUNIEL의 ‘사랑이 내려(Love falls)’ 뮤직비디오가 공개되었습니다 🙂 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다!


Finally, FNC Entertainment’s first season song!!
The M/V of LEE JONG HYUN (CNBLUE) & JUNIEL ‘Love falls’ is now released. We wish you enjoy it!

Video :



씨엔블루(CNBLUE) 이종현-주니엘, 듀엣 입맞춤 ‘Romantic J’ 앨범 발표

[톱스타뉴스=장재연기자]  씨엔블루(CNBLUE) 이종현과 주니엘이 듀엣 앨범 ‘로맨틱 J(Romantic J)’를 발표한다.

듀엣을 결성한 이종현-주니엘은 소속사 FNC엔터테인먼트의 첫 프로젝트 그룹이자 겨울 시즌 송 프로젝트로 기대를 모은다
디지털 싱글로 9일 공개되는 시즌 송 제목은 ‘사랑이 내려(Love falls)’로 영감을 얻은 영화 ‘그 남자 작곡, 그 여자 작사’에서 처럼 ‘그 남자’ 이종현이 작곡하고 ‘그 여자’ 주니엘이 작사한 곡이다.

주니엘은 최근 자신의 트위터를 통해 솜사탕 키스 사진으로 이번 듀엣에 대한 귀띔을 하며 뜨거운 관심을 끌었다. 1일에는 “지난 번 올린 트위터 보고 많이 놀라셨죠? 내일 그 실체를 공개합니다”라는 글로 호기심을 증폭시켰다.

한편, ‘로맨틱 J’의 재킷 사진은 3일 FNC페이스북을 통해 공개될 예정이며, ‘사랑이 내려’의 뮤직비디오 티저 영상은 6일 공개된다.

Source : TopstarNews